We offer individual and family psychotherapy for people of all ages.  We take most insurance plans and offer coaching services on a sliding fee scale.


Family Therapy


Family therapy can involve the patient and one or more members of the patient's family.  This is often useful when stress in a relationship is causing anxiety or depression for someone - often both in the relationship.  Improving the functioning of the family unit can improve the satisfaction of the family for both.  Inventories can help identify situations to work on as a couple and often some homework is assigned to continue work between sessions.


Family Therapy is also very important for children and also many adolescents.  How children interact with their parents and siblings affects their ability and their happiness.  Interventions in these situations include improving parent-child communication and parenting instruction or consultations.  Children going through divorce or living in two households have stress and working with the parents as a single unit or as two separate units can help reduce this stress and improve the quality of life for all involved.



Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is by far the most common method used in our society.  Our staff is  focused on listening to the individual needs and concerns of our clients and working with them to improve their lives. 

Individual therapy is effective in treating anxiety, trauma, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, bi-polar, and grief.  In addition, it is beneficial to clients who are struggling with persistent and severe mental health issues, such as schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorders.

Therapeutic Methods taylored to the client's needs

Our staff is trained in the use of many different therapeutic interventions.  We do our best to match the intervention to the needs of the client, within the skill set of the professional.

Some of the interventions we use are:

(Click on intervention name for more information.)


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We are now offereing in person counseling for those who are fully vaccinated.  We continue to offer Telehealth for all new and existing patients.  Please call or email for more information.  Both these services are now covered by most insurance plans.

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