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Relationship Enrichment
Relationships take work.  Seeking some help in tuning up the relationship does not mean that there is something wrong.  There are many ways that people can improve their relationships,  however we have found that using some structure, especially when there is no one specific problem area is useful.  Enhancing your relationship, does not mean that relationship is in trouble, it indicates a desire to be close and want to grow together.

Using the widely respected materials from PREPARE/ENRICH we work with couples who are at many different stages in their relationship. If you are preparing for marriage, PREPARE helps couples address important issues that they face as they put their lives together.  There are different inventories based on the couple’s particular stage in life.

ENRICH is designed for couples seeking to enrich their life together.  This tool and the subsequent sessions with a counselor help people learn more about their marriage and develop plans to address their growth areas.  Using this process can expand your communication, identify areas that may be causing difficulties, improve your skills in resolving conflicts and increase the vitality and happiness of your relationship.

MATE is designed for mature adults (age 50 and older) who are planning to marry or facing other life transitions, such as retirement or relocation.  Older couples tend to face different kinds of issues in their relationships and MATE helps them address both the relationship issues in ENRICH, but also the areas of life transitions, intergenerational issues and health issues.

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